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Orion Cooler Gasket


Need to replace the gasket on your Orion Cooler? We've got you covered. Our gaskets are made of a flexible PVC material for the best possible seal, and are the same as we install on our coolers here at the factory. 25 quart: 47" length 35 quart: 58"...

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Orion Cooler Drain Plug Kit


It's always better to have an extra drain plug before you need it! Our threaded, gasketed drain plug is designed to allow water to flow out of the cooler without having to remove the plug completely. Fits all sizes of Orion Coolers. This is a single...

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Orion Tumbler Lid (iLyd)

$9.99 $4.99

Maximize the performance of your tumbler! The patent pending iLYD from Southern Line is a revolutionary product that increases the ice retention of your tumbler by 30% and literally DOUBLES the heat retention. Made from BPA Free materials, the iLYD...

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