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Cockpit; Pad Grey Ripstop for Tupelo


Cockpit; Pad Grey Ripstop for Tupelo Are those pads getting worn down on your Tupelo?  Bring some new life to your boat by purchasing some new cockpit pads for your boat.  This item just includes the pad, you’ll need to purchase the snap...

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Traverse Hard Hat Cover


Hard Hat Cover; Hard Hat Cover for Traverse 9 & 10 (includes " strap & hardware) Also comes with neoprene hatch .  Running some bigger water in your Traverse and don’t want to risk your hatch imploding (because… who would)?...

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Sweet Cheeks 100 Black with Stripe


What makes Sweet Cheeks so special? The Sweet Cheeks form fits around your rear end to make a perfect bucket seat. No pressure points No more sliding around on your seat. Is your seat designed to fit your rear end perfectly? No chance. Just look at all...

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GoPro Flat Mount

$5.99 $4.99

The GoPro Flat Adhesive Mount supports all GoPro cameras using a standard GoPro quick-release buckle adapter. The set includes a flat adhesive mounts that let you attach your GoPro to most flat surfaces. Its waterproof, so it can be used secure in...

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Foam Foot Block System RockStar, Fun, Star


Foam foot block used in our RockStar (gen 1 - gen 4), Fun and Star series. If you purchased a kayak with no foot rest or need to upgrade yours, this one comes pre cut with easily removed layers to ensure you have your foot block just at the right...

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