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Replacement Part Kits

PRO TIP: Can't find what you are looking for? Common standard parts not found on our website are readily available on Amazon or your local hardware store, usually with great pricing and quick shipping!

Triple Rod & Paddle Stagers, L-Brackets x2


Our Triple Rod Stagers are designed to enhance your experience on the water by providing a convenient and secure way to store your rods while on the water. optimized for use with our TriTrak system, but with our L-Brackets the stagers can be used on any...

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Knarr FD Rudder Disc


Did you lose the rudder disc on your Knarr FD? This kit has what you'll need to get on the water again. Item Description Quantity 92051 Disc; Rudder Disc 2022 1 1051 Bolt; 10-24 x 3/8" Truss Head 18-8ss 2 1263 Washer; .230 x...

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Nylon Bolt 10-24, Kit of 12


We know, we know. Those pesky little nylon bolts tend to walk away from your kayak when you take them out to install something new. Bad bolts! Nab a dozen of those mischievous bolts here.

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Short Strap Replacement Kit V3 (set of 2)


Need a replacement strap for your EZ Hi-Lo comfort seat? This is best strap solution for broken short straps on your Jackson Kayak fishing or rec seat. This is by far the strongest replacement strap and will hold up to pedaling and most abuse.

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Big Rig HD Convert to FD Pod Kit


Convert your Big Rig HD (paddle powered) to an FD (FlexDrive)! Six bolts are removed and this pedal pod is dropped in after the paddle pod is removed. Six bolts and washers are included. Flex Drive not included.  

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Full Day Hatch Kit


Did you forget to twist the 6" hatch cover on the deck of your Take Two or Staxx, and now its blown away and gone forever? Fear not! Here's a replacement cover, rim, gasket, bag and hardware.

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15" Foot Rail Kit (Set of Two)


Need to replace the 15" footrail on your ride? This set of two has you covered. Fits Bite Angler, Bite Rec, TakeTwo, Tripper, Coosa HD, Tupelo, Kilroy, Big Tuna, Liska, Big Rig FD, Coosa, Big Rig HD, Cruise and Staxx. Hardware not included.

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5.5" Day Hatch Kit (Bag, Cover, Rim)


Want to add or replace the 5.5" day hatch on your kayak? This kit includes the bag, cover, rim, hardware and attchment tether. Compatible with Coosa HD Center Console 2016+ 360 Escape 2020+ Cruise 10ft 2020+ Cruise 12ft 2020+ Journey...

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Footrail Sliding Track 34"


With this 34” DIY foot rail track, cut it in half to make a pair. This will accommodate most kayaks. If you are buying this for our Big Tuna kayak, you will need to purchase two tracks for this to work.

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