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PRO TIP: Can't find what you are looking for? Common standard parts not found on our website are readily available on Amazon or your local hardware store, usually with great pricing and quick shipping!

Snap Rivet Set (x10)


Need to replace some outfitting on your kayak but don't have the snap rivets to get it done? This kit contains ten male/female snap rivets. You will need a rivet gun for installation.

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Seat Pad Wave & Rivets Kit


Seat Pad Wave & Rivets Kit Isn’t about time that you upgraded some of that old whitewater outfitting?  Get a new seat pad with our slick new wave design and toss out that worn out grey one!  This kit includes everything you need to...

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Thigh Pad Wave Kit (Set of 2)


Thigh Pad Wave Kit (Set of 2) Freshen up your look with a new set of thigh pads!  These thigh pads feature a self-adhesive backing and our new Wave Pattern design!  Make sure to thoroughly remove old thigh pads and clean the area well before...

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Hip Pads Wave L/R Kit


Hip Pads Wave L/R Kit Want to replace both the left and right hip pads with our sweet wave pattern? Here it is in one easy to install kit. Includes: (1x) L & R Hip Pads with Wave Design (4x) Hip Pad Shim

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Bees Knees Thigh Hooks


The Bees Knees give Jackson Kayak whitewater boats a more secure knee fit for a better feel. This addresses the #1 request for improvement from our customers, and follows the JK way of valuing innovation and simplicity. They require no tools to adjust...

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Backband Large Wave Design


Backband Large Wave Design Want to update your outfitting to the latest and greatest? Here's our signature backband with the wave pattern. Includes the cam cleats and rope replacement kit.

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Happy Feet


Tuck your feet into our bean bag and get them super comfy, then close the valve and you have your footprint proudly placed in our Happy Feet Footbag. Then pump the bulb which inflates the adjustment bladder and you will tighten up bag until you have the...

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Cockpit; Pad Grey Ripstop for Tupelo


Cockpit; Pad Grey Ripstop for Tupelo Are those pads getting worn down on your Tupelo?  Bring some new life to your boat by purchasing some new cockpit pads for your boat.  This item just includes the pad, you’ll need to purchase the snap...

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Traverse Hard Hat Cover


Hard Hat Cover; Hard Hat Cover for Traverse 9 & 10 (includes " strap & hardware) Also comes with neoprene hatch .  Running some bigger water in your Traverse and don’t want to risk your hatch imploding (because… who would)?...

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