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Lower Mark IV w/3D Prop


Having problems with your Flex Drive MK 1-3 Lower unit? The MKIV Lower and 3D prop combo is the answer. This is designed to replace the lower unit on any Flex Drive 1-3. Note that the prop is reversed on the MK IV, so this combo will not be compatible...

Spider Coupling Flex Drive Kit (10pk)


Spider Coupling Flex Drive Kit (10pk) Never find yourself in need for a fresh Spider Coupling again!  Get this pack of ten Spider Couplings and just grab one out of the pile should the need arise.  Includes: (10x) Green FD Spider Couplings

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Flex Drive T-Bolt Wing Nut Kit (10 pk)


Flex Drive T-Bolt Wing Nut Kit (10 pk) You that angler that loses his FD T-Bolt all the time? Are you friends with that angler? We got a whopping pack of 10 so you never lose them again. Includes: (10x) T-Bolt, 1.5” (10x) Knob; Nylon Wing Nut

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FD Scupper Wedge


FD Scupper Wedge (set of two) Use these FD scupper wedges to fine align your prop’s positioning in the FD Scupper.  These can help if you find that your prop is scraping either side of the scupper cover in the fully retracted position...

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