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Our apologies - there may be some delays in response from our Customer Service and Warranty teams as they work to catch up from the holidays.


Coosa Bow Hatch Cover

$41.99 $33.99

Cover; Hatch - Coosa Bow  The standard Coosa is a tried-and-true fishing kayak design!  We have a lot of them out there floating around, and some might be missing hatches.  Get a replacement bow hatch cover right here!  Does not...

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Tumbler or Cup Holder

$19.99 $9.99

No cup holder on your kayak? Suffer the inequity no longer! Our robust cup holder mounts using a t-bolt to any track system. Also doubles as a ‘used tackle bin’ :).

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Kilroy Deck Pad

$28.99 $25.99

Been a little rough on your Kilroy’s deck pad? Freshen it up with a new dual-layered routed pad from the folks at Marine Mat. (Not made for Kilroy HD) To apply, make sure the top of your deck is completely clean of dirt and debris (rubbing alcohol...

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Big Rig Deck Pad

$32.99 $24.99

Years of fun on the water got your Classic Big Rig’s deck pad looking a little weathered? Freshen your look with this dual-layered routed deck pad for your ride from the folks at Marine Mat. (not for Big Rig HD or FD). To apply, make sure the top...

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Fun Guy Window Cling

$10.99 $5.99

Window Cling 12"x10" This reusable window cling features our Jackson Fun Guy logo – just the thing to show off your JK pride when its your turn to run shuttle! Image is reversed in the photo but is correct after applying to your window...

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Skipper Deck Pad

$47.99 $39.99

Deck Pad; Skipper, 2 Layer Routed The Skipper was Jackson’s take on a fishing boat for kids and smaller than average size.  The boat did not originally come with Deck pads, so if you find one out in the wild, you’ll likely want to pick...

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Platypus Hydration System

$19.99 $14.99

Built onto the back of our Elite Seat System is Platypus’ Hoser Hydration System. This protected pouch holds water and other hydration liquids in a BPA-free plastic sac for your day on the water. Sheltered between the seat and the SealLine pouch,...

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JK Dome Logo

$6.99 $4.99

You get a JK dome logo graphic! You get a JK dome logo graphic! Okay, you gotta buy it first, but hey. At this price you could cover at least one wall of your house with them. 5” bubble graphic featuring the JK logo. **DECALS SHIP FREE!!**

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Fish Grip

$15.99 $11.99

It floats! The Fish Grip was developed by an expert angler as a fish landing device. Used by many fishing guides, the Fish Grip will help successfully land a fish with less chance for injury to the fish or the angler. Simply grip to lock, flip to open...

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JKrate Soft Cooler

$52.99 $44.99

Turn your JKrate into a cooler with our JKrate Soft Cooler! This insulated liner fits perfectly into your JKrate. Featuring a waterproof liner, it also has D-ring tabs on the side so it can be used without a JKrate and secured to your kayak. Does not fit...

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GoPro Flat Mount

$5.99 $4.99

The GoPro Flat Adhesive Mount supports all GoPro cameras using a standard GoPro quick-release buckle adapter. The set includes a flat adhesive mounts that let you attach your GoPro to most flat surfaces. Its waterproof, so it can be used secure in...

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Anchor Rope Kit with Zig Zag Cleat

$24.99 $16.99

Want an easy way to keep your anchor rope manageable? Look no further than our Zig Zag Anchor Cleat Kit. Be sure to check out JK team member Darrell Olson’s video showing a no-drill install, below.  

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