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MixMaster Foot Block


How did you manage to lose the foot block for your MixMaster...? Ah well, it happens. You can nab a new one here.

Whitewater Footplate


Need to replace the footplate on your whitewater kayak? Simply choose your kayak size and we'll ship out a left and right pair for you in a jif.

Seat Pad Wave & Rivets Kit


Seat Pad Wave & Rivets Kit Isn’t about time that you upgraded some of that old whitewater outfitting?  Get a new seat pad with our slick new wave design and toss out that worn out grey one!  This kit includes everything you need to...

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Hip Pads Wave L/R Kit


Hip Pads Wave L/R Kit Want to replace both the left and right hip pads with our sweet wave pattern? Here it is in one easy to install kit. Includes: (1x) L & R Hip Pads with Wave Design (4x) Hip Pad Shim

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Bees Knees Thigh Hooks


The Bees Knees give Jackson Kayak whitewater boats a more secure knee fit for a better feel. This addresses the #1 request for improvement from our customers, and follows the JK way of valuing innovation and simplicity. They require no tools to adjust...

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Backband Lowering Kit


Backband Lowering Kit Paddling one of our older model Whitewater boats?  You’ve also probably known about that popular band before they were cool.  Either way, grab this kit to help secure your backband to your boat to keep it from riding...

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Backband Large Wave Design


Backband Large Wave Design Want to update your outfitting to the latest and greatest? Here's our signature backband with the wave pattern. Kit includes: Item Description Quantity 52214 74" 1199 3/16" Bungee Black 1 52261 40" 1200...

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Cockpit; Pad Grey Ripstop for Tupelo


Cockpit; Pad Grey Ripstop for Tupelo Are those pads getting worn down on your Tupelo?  Bring some new life to your boat by purchasing some new cockpit pads for your boat.  This item just includes the pad, you’ll need to purchase the snap...

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