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Coosa HD Accessories and Parts

Coosa HD Bungee Rod Stager Kit


Coosa HD Bungee Rod Stager Kit  Darn it!  You just drifted into some dense overhang and tore out your Bungee Rod Stager.  You probably shouldn’t have laughed at your buddy when it happened to him last week.  Fortunately, you can...

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Coosa HD Deck Pad


Has the deck padding on your Coosa HD seen one adventure too many (we know, there is no such thing!)? Freshen your look with a new set of pads, straight from the good folks at Marine Mat. To apply, make sure the top of your deck is completely clean of...

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Curved Skid Plate Replacement Kit


Kayaking become a drag? Has your curved skid plate taken a beating over the years..? Get everything you need to replace it here, including hardware (fits Tupelos, Bite Rec, Bite Angler Coosa HD, Cuda HD, Liska, MayFly, Skipper, YuPIK, Cruise FD).  

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Platypus Hydration System

$19.99 $10.99

Built onto the back of our Elite Seat System is Platypus’ Hoser Hydration System. This protected pouch holds water and other hydration liquids in a BPA-free plastic sac for your day on the water. Sheltered between the seat and the SealLine pouch,...

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Hydration Hoser Pouch

$13.99 $8.99

Pair this pouch with our Platypus Hydration System and you’ve got yourself easy access to water all day on the water. Clips at the top for securing to the back of your kayak’s seat and is decorated with our favorite logo :).

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JK Transducer Kit


For our kayaks with dedicated transducer scupper holes, this simple piece of thermoformed plastic, bungee and bead are all you’ll need to keep many transducers in place easily. Simply run the bungee through the top hole on your transducer, up...

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Fish Grip

$15.99 $10.99

It floats! The Fish Grip was developed by an expert angler as a fish landing device. Used by many fishing guides, the Fish Grip will help successfully land a fish with less chance for injury to the fish or the angler. Simply grip to lock, flip to open...

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Round 5.5 Hatch Cover


Need to replace the round hatch cover on your Coosa, Coosa HD, BSB Escape, Big Tuna, Cruise 10, Cruise 12, Journey, Cruise FD, Rivi or Rivi T? We’ve got you covered.

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Fishing/Recreation Fastener Kit


This kit includes basic fasteners and common components found on our fishing and recreational kayaks. This kit includes the items below: (2) - Nut; 1/4-20 w/Black Nylon Cap 18-8ss - 1331 (2) - Nut; 10-24 w/CapNylonLcknut NKM 18-8 SS - 1171 (2) - Nut;...

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Coosa HD Bungee Replacement Kit


If you need replacement or back-up bungee, this kit includes nearly all sizes and lengths of bungee for the Jackson Coosa HD (71702). These bungee pieces outfit the gear compartments, paddle holders and most other functional attachments on the hull. This...

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Coosa HD Seat Fastener Kit (Up to 2021)


If your kayak seat has gotten plenty of love and needs a tune-up, the Coosa HD Seat Fastener Kit (71701) has all the replacement components you will need to hold the seat firmly in place. This kit includes the items below: (1) - Coosa HD Sliding Cam...

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