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Replacement Part Kits

PRO TIP: Can't find what you are looking for? Common standard parts not found on our website are readily available on Amazon or your local hardware store, usually with great pricing and quick shipping!

BSB Seat Post & Base Kit


BSB Seat Post & Base Kit Your post and base is just... worn out. I am not gonna ask how. That's your little secret. But don't worry, we can replace it for you with this discrete little kit. Includes: Seat Post Seat Base Detent...

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Rotating Latch & Hardware Kit


Rotating Latch & Hardware Kit Oh no! Your rotating latch broke. YOUR LIFE IS RUINED!!.. nah... we got you. Here is a replacement kit with the hardware you need to install a new one. Includes: (1x) Rotating Latch (1x) Shoulder Bolt & Hardware

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Staxx Tracks Kit


Staxx Tracks Kit Sure, you’ve had a great time exploring and tooling around in your new Staxx – but did you know that you are just a few tracks away from a fishing beast?  These tracks will open a range of possibilities with your Staxx,...

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Staxx Bungee & Seat Pad Upgrade Kit


Want to convert your livery Staxx to the full retail version that includes the seat pads and bungees for rear and front tankwell areas? Here you go. All the cool kids are doing it. Includes all required hardware for installation. Note: this kit does NOT...

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Skid Plate #1800 Dealer 10pk


Need 10 of our #1800 skid plates? Here ya go. Contains all necessary hardware along with the curved skid plate which fits Tupelos, Bite Rec, Bite Angler Coosa HD, Cuda HD, Liska, MayFly, Skipper, YuPIK and Cruise FD.

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Skid Plate #1225 Livery Kit (50pk)


Own a livery and need 50 skid plates and all the required hardware!? Get them in this convienent 50 pack. Drag to your hearts content. This skid plate replacement kit works with the following models: Big Rig HD/FD, Big Tuna, Coosa, Kilroy HD, Kilroy,...

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BSB Rudder V2 Kit


BSB Rudder V2 Kit Have an older Blue Sky Angler with the plastic rudder?  Your upgrade is right here.  The V2 Kit includes our current aluminum BSB rudder, along with the brackets and hardware for installation.  A durable and solid upgrade...

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BSB Rectangular Hatch Kit


We improved the seal on our hatch kits at the beginning of our 2020 season, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out! This kit includes one flush mount hatch, flush hatch ring, rectangle flush hatch gasket and the 14 18-8 SS #12x1 screws...

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360 Pro Front Porch


Want to swap out the front porch on your Blue Sky Angler for the front porch with the reinforced metal plate front porch of the 360 Pro? Here's your chance to pick up a factory-installed aluminum moutning plate for use with bow mount trolling motors...

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BSB Saddle Bag


Lost the clip in saddle bag for your Blue Sky? We got you covered. Here is a replacement bag. Sorry… all the lures you had in the old one don’t come with it…

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BSB Hatch Bin


Want to add a couple more hatch bins to keep your stowed items handy? Drops into the hatches on the Blue Sky series of kayaks. Dimensions 11.25 x 7.25 x 4.25

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