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Replacement Part Kits

PRO TIP: Can't find what you are looking for? Common standard parts not found on our website are readily available on Amazon or your local hardware store, usually with great pricing and quick shipping!

Coosa HD Bungee Rod Stager Kit


Coosa HD Bungee Rod Stager Kit  Darn it!  You just drifted into some dense overhang and tore out your Bungee Rod Stager.  You probably shouldn’t have laughed at your buddy when it happened to him last week.  Fortunately, you can...

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Bungee Paddle Holder Kit


Bungee Paddle Holder Kit When you’re getting out into those skinny areas, sometimes your bungee paddle holders suffer the consequences.  This kit will get you everything you need to install one replacement.  Some boat models may require...

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Curved Skid Plate Replacement Kit


Kayaking become a drag? Has your curved skid plate taken a beating over the years..? Get everything you need to replace it here, including hardware (fits Tupelos, Bite Rec, Bite Angler Coosa HD, Cuda HD, Liska, MayFly, Skipper, YuPIK, Cruise FD).  

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JK Transducer Kit


For our kayaks with dedicated transducer scupper holes, this simple piece of thermoformed plastic, bungee and bead are all you’ll need to keep many transducers in place easily. Simply run the bungee through the top hole on your transducer, up...

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New Drain Plug (2015+ Models)


Has your drain plug gone rogue? Pick up another one (or two!) here. Fits all 2015 models and beyond with exception of the Hero Series (Hero, Super Hero, Side Kick) and Dynamic Duo.For boats 2014 and earlier or any of the above, you will need Drain Plug...

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Flat Skid Plate Replacement Kit


Years of dragging your kayak on pavement took its toll on your skid plate? We’ve got what you need to get it back in tip top shape and keep on doing what it does - protect your kayak’s hull. This flat skid plate replacement kit works with the...

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360 Angler Replacement Parts Kit


If your 360 Angler has gotten plenty of paddle, pedal or power time, you might be missing a part or two. The 360 Angler Basic Replacement Parts Kit (71722) includes the most essential small parts you might need to replace or keep on hand. This kit...

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